First Bank of Nigeria Past Questions and Answers for 2023 Recruitment Aptitude Test Exam

By | September 7, 2023

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It is very important that you start practicing before you are called for First Bank aptitude test. Those that got employment into Unity Bank are people that have prepared earlier enough and have put in their best to succeed through the rigorous screening and exercises they are subjected to. It is not by a wishful thinking, it requires hard work.

Plan and strategies on how to ace through the competition. I must be sincere with you, the competition is high because you have many top brains to compete with. You should have it at the back of your mind that you will be competing with best brains, so be smart with your preparation.

Preparation for final screening is the next stage after the aptitude test. Passing the aptitude test doesn’t equate to getting the job. You must be prepared well for the interview for you to have a better chance to land that your dream job. Practicing First Bank answers is not exactly the most exciting activity.

Your preparation start now and this is done by going through First Bank past question in order to familiarize yourself with how questions are being set.


However, it really does make a difference. Academic studies consistently show that candidates who practice get more job offers. Practice makes you a much better and significantly increases your odds of getting hired. You must also be familiar with the core values of the First Bank you are applying to and this can be done by surfing through the First Bank website. You must be able to channel your answers during the First Bank aptitude test to the requirements of the position you applied for.

Be smart!

This First Bank of Nigeria past questions and answers Test includes;

i. Critical Reasoning
ii. Verbal Reasoning
iii. Numerical Reasoning
iv. Abstract Reasoning

First Bank of Nigeria Recruitment Past Questions and Answers (Sample) 

Crude oil (also known as petroleum) is a type of fossil fuel found beneath the earth’s surface. It is formed by the gradual build-up of fossilized organic materials such as algae and plankton. As more layers build up, the bottom most layers are heated and subject to pressure, with the combination of heat and pressure leading to the matter transforming into the waxy substance kerogen. Following even more prolonged exposure to heat and pressure, the kerogen eventually becomes transformed into liquid and gases via the catagenesis process. The formation of crude oil occurs from this pyrolysis (heating) process. The range of heat at which kerogen becomes crude oil is called the oil window. Below this range the crude oil remains kerogen and above this point the crude oil becomes a natural gas.


1. If the temperature is too low, crude oil remains in a solid state, whereas if it is too hot, it becomes a gas.
A. True
B. False
C. Can not tell

2. Crude oil is non-renewable.
A. True
B. False
C. Can not tell

3. Kerogen becomes crude oil after further heating and pressurization in the catagenesis process.
A. True
B. False
C. Can not tell

4. The creation of crude oil takes place over many 100 000s of years.
A. True
B. False
C. Can not tell

5. Oil can also be produced from plant matter such as olives and sunflower seeds.
A. True
B. False
C. Can not tell

6. How many females are employed in professional positions?
A. Can’t tell
B. 100
C. 95
D. 297

7. What is the total amount of people employed in professional positions in the firm?
A. 95
B. 285
C. 380
D. 420

8. What fraction of women that are in managerial positions are Heads of Department?
A. 2/11
B. 11/2
C. 2/27
D. 2/360

9. How many of the staff in professional and managerial positions are males?
A. 122
B. 211
C. 333
D. 188

10. What are women in HR as a fraction of men in professional grades?
A. 285/45
B. 3/19
C. 1/6
D. 45/295

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