Free WAEC Expo 2023/2024 and How to Pass WAEC in One Sitting

By | September 13, 2023

How to Get 2023/2024 Free WAEC Expo. Are you looking for How to Pass WAEC in One Sitting, WAEC Expo 2023 WhatsApp Group Link, waec expo runs, 2023 waec answers, If Yes make sure you Read this article.


To pass WAEC or GCE with straight A’s isn’t as difficult as some students see it to be. I know the reason why you are here is to know the tips on how to ace WAEC in one sitting.

I will explain the method I used for my most recent student who sat for WAEC GCE last year.

Let me enlighten you a bit on WAEC. There are courses you can’t study if you don’t have credits in WAEC at one sitting: courses like Medicine and Surgery. The reason is that the number of students that applied for those courses is high. Therefore, one of the ways to reduce the number of applicants is to make WAEC or GCE requirements as one sitting.

I will like to answer some students who wants to know how to pass waec mathematics. Mathematics in waec is divided into objective (50 questions) and theory (this is divided into section A and section B).


Your success in waec mathematics begin if you can make sure to score minimum of 35 out of the 50 questions in the objective. You also need to make sure that you answer correctly 3 questions out of the 5 compulsory questions in section A of the theory. The same is also applicable for section B.

There are certain topics you need to master in waec mathematics syllabus: Algebra, simultaneous equation, probability, statistics, inequality, set, circle geometry, word problem, indices, etc.

How to Pass WAEC in One Sitting

Contents to be discussed on are:

*Source for past questions on various subjects you want to write

*Go through recommended textbooks


*You must read instructions before you answer any question

(1) Source for past questions on various subjects you want to write

This will give you a hint of how WAEC questions are structured. This method helped me in chemistry back then. I understood how the practical, theory, and objective chemistry questions looked like.

And I was able to detect areas where WAEC like to focus much on through the trend of their past questions I have studied. Therefore, this made me focus on the most important areas and made my reading productive.

(2) Go through recommended textbooks

Go for recommended textbooks that explain better and can hasten your understanding. A textbook helped me for the practical aspect of chemistry back then.

I read the practical book and I was able to do very well in chemistry. Moreover, textbooks are needed for you to understand some questions you might be having difficulty to answer. Once you are able to understand it, it has become part of you.

(3) You must read instructions before you answer any question

For example, in mathematics there are questions that belong to other countries, so don’t attempt questions that are not meant for you.

Below are the links of WAEC Subjects Past Questions and Answers, Please feel free to click on any of the subjects links to begin the Download in PDF.

WAEC GCE Past Questions Download PDF:

1. WAEC Literature in English Past Questions

2. WAEC Mathematics Past Questions

3. WAEC Physics Past Questions

4. WAEC Agricultural Science Past Questions

5. WAEC Biology Past Questions

6. WAEC Chemistry Past Questions

7. WAEC Commerce Past Questions

8. WAEC CRK Past Questions

9. WAEC Economics Past Questions

10. WAEC English Past Questions

11. WAEC Geography Past Questions


The number of fraudulent people is increasing on a daily basis because of the crave of students to get expo to WAEC or JAMB questions. And because there is high demand for an “expo,” people now venture into the business to make gain from students who are looking for a shortcut to pass an exam.

Any Body claiming to help you get WAEC life questions are deceiving you. They are only after your money.

Education is not a car race, or a do or die affair. From experience, you can pass WAEC or JAMB by devoting your time to read your books and study past questions. Success in exam isn’t as hard as people make it look.

Looking for an “expo” is a distraction to lieu you away from adequate preparation for the exams.


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