Download Government Ministries Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF for 2023 Recruitment

By | September 7, 2023

Download Government Ministries Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF for 2023/2024 Recruitment. We have take time to compiled a complete this Federal Government Ministries of Nigeria recruitment past questions for you. We have also added accurate answers to help you during preparation.


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Sample of Government Ministries Recruitment Past Questions From Previous Years

1. What is the full meaning of CHOGM? (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
A. Common Wealth Head of Government Mandate
B. Common Wealth Head of Government Meeting
C. Common Wealth and Hague Governing Mission
D. Commerce and Health Group of Ministries

2. Name two member nations of the African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA)? (Ministry of Commerce)
A. Nigeria and Algeria
B. Ghana and Libya
C. Nigeria and Libya
D. Botswana and Egypt


3. The lowest rank in the Police force is the (Ministry of Defence)
A. Corporal
B. Officer
C. Constable
D. Recruit

4. When and where was the dreaded bird disease and bird flu virus first discovered in Nigeria? (Ministry of Agriculture)
A. Sanbawa farm, Kaduna State on 9th Feb. 2006
B. Otta farm, Ogun State on 9th Apr. 2005
C. Sango farm, Kano State on 17th Mar. 2007
D. Keji farm, Anambra State on 22th Jun. 2008

5. What is the full meaning of LPG (Ministry of petroleum resources)
A. Liquefied Products of Gas
B. Liquid, Propane and Gasolene
C. Liquefied Petroleum Gas
D. Light Petroleum and Gas

6. Which is not an objective of the Universal Basic Education (UBE)? (Ministry of Education)
A. To eradicate illiteracy completely in Nigeria
B. To provide free and compulsory basic Education for every Nigerian child
C. To ensure acquisition of literary and numeric skills
D. To erect buildings in every schools in Nigeria

7. What is zero-based buget? (Ministry of Finance)
A. Simply a fresh budget
B. A budget with less digits
C. A budget funded without borrowing
D. A budget forecasted not based on crude oil price


8. When and where was WHO established? (Ministry of Health)
A. 1984, Geneva
B. 1984, Hague
C. 1985, Geneva
D. 1985, Hague

9. Choose two types of registries in ministries (Ministry of Labour)
A. Open and concealed registries
B. Open and confidential registries
C. Closed and Open registries
D. Crossed and open registries

10. The administrative head of the judiciary in Nigeria is (Ministry of Justice)
A. Attorney General of the Federation
B. Chief Justice of the Federation
C. Appellate Justice of the Federation
D. Minister of Justice

11. How many distribution companies do we have in Nigeria? (Ministry of Power)
A. 12
B. 6
C. 8
D. 11

12. ____is the first Pan Africn communication satelite launched on the 21st of December, 2007 (Ministry of Aviation)
A. Africasat 1
B. NigComSat 1
C. Rascom-OAF1

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