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By | September 13, 2023

JAMB EXPO Runs 2023/2024 whatsapp group link & Assistance Portal for all Subjects. This JAMB CBT EXPO questions cover the following English language, Mathematics Physics, Biology, Government and Economics and The Life Changer etc.


Secrets About JAMB CBT 2023 UTME

JAMB CBT is the newest way Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) adopted to test her candidates. And one of the successes JAMB has made in the past few years is moving from paper based test to computer based test (CBT).

This new process has helped in reducing malpractice, saving time and cost-effective means of making UTME a fair playing ground for all candidates. In the time past, the rate of malpractice was high but this has reduced via the introduction of CBT.

However, many students haven’t been able to integrate well with JAMB CBT and this has led to failure or underperformance of many students. For any student to pass JAMB successfully, he/she must master the act of taking CBT which is quite different from paper based test. Mastering this act will enable you to pass JAMB successfully.

Jamb Expo Runs Portal

One of the frequent questions I do get from jamb candidate on UTME is – Does Jamb Expo 2023 Exist? My response has always been – yes they do.


Tip on How to Pass JAMB CBT Successfully

Below are the free jamb expo questions and answers and how to pass JAMB CBT successfully:

Firstly, candidates should bear in mind that JAMB is very easy to pass with a high score. There is nothing that contributes to the poor performance of students in UTME as to the fear of the exam. It isn’t as difficult as you think.

Many things have contributed to the fear of candidates, and one of them is how to write jamb using a computer. A good percentage of candidates don’t know how to use a computer, and since the exam is CBT, their problem becomes aggravated.

You don’t need to be a computer guru to write a CBT. The JAMB CBT centers are made in such a way that will ensure candidates that are not proficient in the use of a computer to write the exam without any hitch. The computer operators and the invigilators are there to assist if you have any problem with the computer.

Trust me, all you will have to do is to handle the mouse, click on answers, click on next, and then click on submit after you have finished the exam.


What you must take into the JAMB UTME Centre on the day

Failure starts when you fail to take along necessary document into the exam hall. Please don’t forget to take along with you the following document

  • JAMB registration slip (very crucial)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Worksheet will be provided by JAMB
  • Calculator will be provided by the official on the day
  • Don’t take your mobile phone along – it is against JAMB exam conduct

2023 Jamb Expo by downloadpastquestion for today Exams

Jamb Expo Questions and Answers on The Life Changer 2022

  1. What is Ummi’s Occupation?

A. Nurse
B. Teacher
C. Businessperson
D. Accountant

Correct Answer: B

2) Who can be described as meddlesome?

A. Daddy
B. Ummi
C. Bint
D. Mallam Salihu

Correct Answer: D

3) ”Just call yourself Omar Esquire”

Who makes this statement?

A. Teemah
B. Bint
C. Jamila
D. Ummi

Correct Answer: A

4) What position is Bint in the family?

A. Last born
B. First child
C. Second child
D. Third child

Correct Answer: A

5) What was Ummi’s reason for her impromptu barging ?

A. To monitor her children’s activities
B. To ensure the children were safe
C. To keep them on their feets
D. To ensure they maintain cleanliness

Correct Answer: D

6) Omar’s admission signals________

A. storytelling
B. a life-changing experience
C. being a learned
D. community’s appraisal

Correct Answer: B

7) “Money moves Mountains”

This statement was made by _________

A. Salma
B. Teemah
C. Bint
D. Ngozi

Correct Answer: A

8) What was the reason for the delay at the faculty registration office?

A. The lecturer’s negligience
B. The queue was endless
C. John’s delay in cleaning the office
D. the lecturer was absent

Correct Answer: C

9) Salma compared lecturers with _________

A. Thieves
B. politician
C. lawyers
D. Policemen

Correct Answer: D

10) At what age did Talle lost his father and stepmother ?

A. 21
B. 20
C. 19
D. 18

Correct Answer: B

11) Talle was imprisoned for?

A. Murder
B. Kidnapping and Robbery
C. Kidnapping and extortion
D. smuggling

Correct Answer: C

12) The novel is written in the ___________

A. First-person point of view
B. Third person Ominscient
C. second-person point of view
D. limited ominiscient

Correct Answer: A

13) What brand of Phone did Salim buy?

A. Nokia
B. Iphone
C. Itel
D. Samsung

Correct Answer: D

14) Omar’s achievement was by no means a small feat. This means that?

A. Omar’s achievement was difficult
B. His accomplishment was small
C. Omar’s achievement was not as difficult as it seems
D. His accomplishment was not by a small feat

Correct Answer: A

15) Labaran gives Tomiwa a bundle of _______?

A. One thousand naira notes
B. five hundred naira notes
C. two hundred naira notes
D. dollar notes

Correct Answer: B

16) Salma and her roommates were _________

A. A students
B. Outstanding students
C. B students
D. Average students

Correct Answer: C

17) How old is Bint?

A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4

Correct Answer: C

18) How did Omar check his admission status?

A. visiting a cyber cafe
B. through his phone
C. by visiting the university
D. through a friend’s phone

Correct Answer: A

19) What subject is optional in Bint’s school?

A. Music
B. French
C. Fine Art
D. Hand writing

Correct Answer: B

20) Omar had ______ credits in the WAEC examination

A. 9
B. 5
C. 8
D. 7

Correct Answer: D

21) Who often says ” what you teach a child is like writing on a rock and when dried, it would be difficult to erase”

A. Ummi
B. Omar
C. Ummi’s Grandmother
D. Salma’s grandmother

Correct Answer: C

22) Who is Jamila?

A. Salma’s roommate
B. Salma’s friend
C. Ummi’s second child
D. Bint’s immediate elder sister

Correct Answer: D

23) Ummi is translated in Arabic as _____?

A. my mentor
B. my mother
C. my morning star
D. my muse

Correct Answer: B

24) Teemah is the first ________ of the family

A. child
B. graduate
C. daughter
D. female

Correct Answer: C

25) Ummi’s husband always wanted to study?

A. accounting
B. pharmacy
C. Linguistics
D. Law

Correct Answer: D

26) What reward was Omar expecting for his achievement?

A. a bag
B. a shoe
C. a phone
D. a laptop

Correct Answer: C

27) What was Omar JAMB score?

A. 300
B. 250
C. 200
D. 230

Correct Answer: D

28) What was the double celebration in Lafayette?

A. The birth of Talle and his brother
B. Ummi’s admission and marriage
C. Omar’s WAEC and JAMB success
D. Salma’s admission and engagement

Correct Answer: B

29) According to Ummi, what is the first noticeable thing in the university?

A. Different people
B. lawlessness and injustice
C. Freedom of dressing
D. immoral relationships

Correct Answer: C

30) According to the novel, how would you describe Salma?

A. fair complexioned skin, tall and slim
B. fair complexioned, short and rather busty
C. dark-complexioned skin, tall and slim
D. dark-complexioned girl, short and fat.

Correct Answer: A

Jamb Expo Questions and Answers

Below are the free jamb questions and answers for we have gathered together for those preparing for UTME 2022 for all Subjects today.

JAMB Mathematics Expo

JAMB English Language Expo

JAMB Biology Expo

JAMB Literature in English Expo

JAMB Economics Expo


JAMB Government Expo

JAMB English Language Expo

Is JAMB Expo Real or Fake


I know that some people still find their way to see JAMB expo because of the sabotage working with JAMB . However, many people claiming to help you get JAMB life questions are deceiving you. They are only after your money.

Education is not a car race, or a do or die affair. From experience, you can pass JAMB by devoting your time to read your books and study past questions. Success in exam isn’t as hard as people make it look.

Looking for an “JAMB expo” is a distraction to lieu you away from adequate preparation for the exams.

The number of fraudulent people is increasing on a daily basis because of the crave of students to get expo to JAMB . And because there is high demand for an “expo,” people now venture into the business to make gain from students who are looking for a shortcut to pass an exam.


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