Download LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF

By | September 5, 2023

Download LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF. The Lagos University Teaching Hospital school of Nursing past questions contain previous years questions with answers.


This past questions for LUTH School of Nursing examination are available in PDF format. You can download and print it. You can also read it on your phone or computer.

It is very important that you start practicing before you are called for an school of nursing entrance exams. Those that got admission into school of nursing are people that have prepared earlier enough and have put in their best to succeed. It is not by a wishful thinking, it requires hard work.

One of the frequent questions I do get from people is – Do LUTH School of Nursing repeat entrance exam questions? My response has always been – yes they do.

However, the way LUTH School of Nursing repeat entrance exams questions is a little bit tricky, and sometimes they do it directly. All candidates who are writing School of Nursing entrance exam this year must know that School of Nursing Exam secret lie in mastering their past questions.


I do tell all candidates that one of the ways to unfold LUTH Nursing entrance exam secret is to get like 7-12 years LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers. You have to study the trend and pattern of the questions, its occurrences, and then extract areas/topics LUTH Nursing likes bringing out in each subject you are writing.

The answer to How to Prepare for your School of Nursing Entrance Exam is very easy and I will show you right away below.

We have took time to compile LUTH Nursing past questions with answers for you. We have provided accurate answers to help you during practice.

Our School of Nursing past questions for LUTH will give you a hint of how their questions are structured. And if you are smart enough, you will know which questions occur frequently. Any question you see that occurs frequently should be treated and mastered.

Samples of LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

(1) Which of the following metals cannot replace hydrogen from water or steam?

(a) Sodium

(b) Magnesium


(c) Iron Calcium

(e) Copper

(2) The most common type of chemical reaction which alkanes undergone is

(a) Substitution

(b) Addition Condensation

(d) Polymerization Double decomposition

(3) By means of filtration, one component can be obtained pure from an aqueous mixture of sodium chloride and

(a) Potassium nitrate

(b) Sand Lead nitrat

(d) Glucose

(e) Starch

(4) The oxidation state of manganese in potassium permanganate is

(a) +7

(b) +5

(c) +3

(d) +2

(e) +1

(5) Nigeria‘s newest state to be categorized as Oil producing state is

(a) Anambra





The cost of the newly updated LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers is 2,000.00 only for all departments (Up-to-date) for four subject’s combination which are;.

  1. Use of English
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics

There’s no shortcut in scoring high in any LUTH School of Nursing entrance exam, the fundamental secret is on your understanding of the previous questions.

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