Download Polaris Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF for 2023 Recruitment Aptitude Test

By | September 7, 2023

Download Polaris Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF for 2023/2024 Recruitment Aptitude Test to help you during preparation.


It is very important that you start practicing before you are called for Polaris Bank aptitude test. Those that got employment into Keystone Bank are people that have prepared earlier enough and have put in their best to succeed through the rigorous screening and exercises they are subjected to. It is not by a wishful thinking, it requires hard work.

Plan and strategies on how to ace through the competition. I must be sincere with you, the competition is high because you have many top brains to compete with. You should have it at the back of your mind that you will be competing with best brains, so be smart with your preparation.

Preparation for final screening is the next stage after the aptitude test. Passing the aptitude test doesn’t equate to getting the job. You must be prepared well for the interview for you to have a better chance to land that your dream job. Practicing Polaris Bank answers is not exactly the most exciting activity.

Your preparation start now and this is done by going through Polaris Bank past question in order to familiarize yourself with how questions are being set.


However, it really does make a difference. Academic studies consistently show that candidates who practice get more job offers. Practice makes you a much better and significantly increases your odds of getting hired. You must also be familiar with the core values of the Keystone Bank you are applying to and this can be done by surfing through the Polaris Bank website. You must be able to channel your answers during the Polaris Bank aptitude test to the requirements of the position you applied for.

Be smart!

This Polaris Bank past questions and answers Test includes;

  • Critical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

1. For which laptop, or laptops, is the difference between the manufacturing cost and


the design cost less than 20% of the manufacturing cost?

(A) Brete

(B) Stunn and Adelphi

(C) Adelphi

(D) Stunn

(E) None of these

2. If the same number of each model was sold last month and total sales were £220,000,

how many of each model were sold?

(A) 200

(B) 2510

(C) 100

(D) 2150

(E) Cannot Say

3. Which of the following would generate the highest total amount at the sale prices shown?

(A) 75 Adele laptops on sale

(B) 150 Adele laptops at a further 60% reduction to the sale price

(C) 50 Faze and 50 Stunn laptops on sale

(D) 45 Brete laptops on sale

(E) 90 Stunn laptops on sale

4. If the sale price for a Faze laptop is $182.40 in the United States and 255.36 Euros in

France, what is the sale price ratio for the UK:US:France? (Use exchange rates of

1.2 Euros to the £; and 1.5$ to the £).

(A) 152:121:212

(B) 7:6:9

(C) 5:4:7

(D) 4:5:7

(E) 152:122:213

5. A is thrice as good as B in work. A is able to finish a job in 60 days less than B. They can finish the work in – days if they work together.

A. 18 days

B. 22 ½ days

C. 24 days

D. 26 days

The cost of the newly updated Polaris Bank Past Questions and Answers is 2,000.00 naira only.

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