Download PTDF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF

By | September 7, 2023

Download PTDF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF to prepare for the upcoming PTDF scholarship selection exam. This PTDF Masters and Undergraduate scholarship past questions and answers will help you successful in the ptdf scholarship test.

I got this information from my students who wrote the PTDF test and are currently among students that won the scholarship.

Note: The award is purely on merit.

The scholarship is highly competitive as I have said earlier, and there is a need to prepare well because you will be competing with the best.

This is not an attempt to make PTDF scholarship look scary but to let you know that you will be competing with the best from all Nigeria.

If you are shortlisted to participate in PTDF scholarship test, make sure you prepare adequately.


Work on your speed and accuracy: To succeed in this test, you must be fast and able to minimize your mistakes and error as possible. The test is computer based and the time given is short.

We now have complete and up-to-date PTDF scholarship past questions and answers for download in PDF format. So, if you want to win a PTDF scholarship, then get the up-to-date ptdf scholarship past questions and answers to prepare for the exam.

PTDF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers (Previous Years)

(1) When an ant bites a person, which irritating chemical it(ant) injects into his (person) body?

  1.    Acetic acid
  2.    Citric acid
  3.    Tartaric acid
  4.    Formic acid

(2) The intensity of Earthquakes is measured on

  1.  Richter scale
  2.  Secantscale
  3.  Mercalliscale
  4.  Beaufort scale

(3) Superconductivity is a material property associated with

  1.  cooling a substance without a phase change
  2.  frictionlessliquid flow
  3.  a lossof thermal resistance
  4.  a loss of electrical resistance

(4) ____________ is the ability of an operating system tocontrol the activities of multiple programs at the same time.

  1.    Streamlining
  2.    Multiuser
  3.    Multitasking
  4.    Simulcasting

(5) The water flow is reversed.

How long will it take to fill a pool with avolume of 1000 liters when the large tube is removed?

Given data: Rate of flow = 10 [liter/sec]

  1. 50 seconds
  2. 100 seconds
  3. 200 seconds
  4. 1000 seconds

PTDF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

Lay your hands on previous ptdf past questions and study them.

The cost of the newly updated Past Questions and Answers for PTDF scholarship is 2,000.00 naira only.

To Download a full and updated copy of the PTDF scholarship Past Questions and Answers and also get it delivered to your email box by following the instruction below.

How to Get PTDF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF

1. Pay the sum of N2,000 to the account below:

Account Name: Thompson Inyang Etete
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