Download TRCN Past Questions and Answers PDF for Qualified Examination

By | September 13, 2023

Download TRCN Past Questions and Answers PDF for Qualified Examination aptitude test. You can download the TRCN past question into your phone or computer. You can print out the as a document.


It is very important that you start practicing TRCN Past Questions before you are called for the qualified aptitude test exam. Those that got employment into Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria are people that have prepared earlier enough and have put in their best to succeed through the rigorous screening and exercises they are subjected to. It is not by a wishful thinking, it requires hard work.

Plan and strategise on how to ace through the competition. I must be sincere with you, the competition is high because you have many top brains to compete with. You should have it at the back of your mind that you will be competing with best brains, so be smart with your preparation.

Your preparation start now and this is done by going through TRCN past question in order to familiarize yourself with how questions are being set.

Preparation for the next stage after the qualified exam. Passing the trcn qualified exam doesn’t equate to getting the job. You must be prepared well for the interview for you to have a better chance to land that your dream job. Practicing TRCN answers is not exactly the most exciting activity.


However, it really does make a difference. Academic studies consistently show that candidates who practice get more job offers. Practice makes you a much better and significantly increases your odds of getting hired. You must also be familiar with the core values of the Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria you are applying to and this can be done by surfing through the TRCN website. You must be able to channel your answers during the TRCN qualified exam to the requirements of the position you applied for.

Be smart!

TRCN Qualified Exam Past Questions and Answers

You have to know that Before you are qualified to become a professional teacher in Nigeria, you will write and pass the Teacher’s Registration Council exam through the study of TRCN past questions with answers from the previous years.

According to recent reports, over 70% of applicants who wrote the TRCN exam failed in first attempt. This is as a result of lack of preparation.

For this reason, we have compiled the Teacher Registration Council past questions for those who are preparing for the exam.


Our trcn exam past questions contain all questions & answers that was asked in the previous year’s.

This Past questions contains 348 questions and answers compiled for each category; A,B,C & D. It is drafted from the past 3 years computer base test (CBT) exams question of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria.

All you need to do right now is to make payment for the category of your choice/registration. For example,

Category A is for Ph.D holders

Category B is for those who registered with masters Degree

Category C is for B.Sc, PGD, B.ed degree holders

Category D, are holders of NCE Degree.


Few selected questions and answers from past years will be given here for free so you can study, but if you need the complete past questions, quickly read to the end session of this article where you will find out how to download the TRCN Past questions on your phone or laptop.

(1.) Which of these is charged with the responsibility for ensuring quality supervision in education?

(a) Federal Inspectorate Service


(c)The Police

(d) Ministry of Education

(2.)The Nigeria 6-3-3-4 educational system was adopted from—-

(a) Britain


(c) America

(d) Japan

(3.)The Universal Basis Education (UBE) was established in what year

(a) 1999


(c) 2007

(d) 1976

(4.)The TRCN teaching license is usually renewed at what interval

(a) Four years

(b) One year

(c) Three years

(d)Two years

(5.)What does the Acronym “AFTRA” stand for?

(a) African forum of Teachers Registration Authority

(b) Africa Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities

(c) African forum of Teaching Regulating Authorities

(d) Africa Front for Teaching Regulation in Africa 

We have take time to compiled this TRCN Past Questions and Answers for you. We have also added accurate answers to help you during preparation.

The cost of the newly updated TRCN Past Questions and Answers is 2,000.00 naira only.

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